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Tech mahindra paper 3

Hi ,
This is the latest pattern of MBT.
Total time :- 1 hr
Section A:- 35 questions (General English) -Scoring
Section B:- 20 questions Series (Number and Diagram series) -Tough
Section C:- 20 questions Quatitatve Aptitude(All questions from R.S.Aggarwal )
Test Pattern.
The paper was divided into 6 sections and each section had to be completed in 10 min.You cannot move forwards backwards. After every 10 min.
Section 1 : Quantitative Maths 10th level maths, the type of ques that come in CAT exams.
Age problem,time & speed,simple trigonometry,algebra,mensuration,time & work, profit &loss, percentage.
Section 2 : Logical Reasoning ques based on series, coding, blood relations , analogy
Section 3 : English Usage & verbal logic Parajumbles, antonym-synonyms, analogy You need to have a good vocabulary for this section.
Section 4 : Data Interpretation There were three sets of problems based on pie chart,
Section 5 : Reading Comprehension7 mins were given to read the passage and 3 mins for answering the questions. you are not allowed to turn back to the passage while answering the ques.
Section 6 : Logic There were 2 flowcharts and some questions based on them. it was the easiest section and all the questions in this section could be attempted correctly.
There were total 80 questions that had to be attempted in 60 mins. The main thing to remember was 1:1 negative marking. So attempt only what you know.
It was supposed to be a two phase process -- one technical interview and one HR interview , but the focus in both interview was HR only. Even during technical interview mostly HR based ques.
1) fill in the blank
2) comprehension
3) Quantitative(from RS AGG)
4) verbal-non verbal (from RS AGG)
5) Grammer portion

section 1)We have to type the ans…in the blanks provided…
they told us not to press backspace….refresh button…. All the question are on first page so no need to worry…. Section was easy.

Section 2) A comprehension was their…..there was blanks in the comprehension and we have to fill those blanks from the option provided below…
Comprehension and all those question based on that with option was on the same page… No need to go forward or backword.. We have to press “”ok””..and”finish” button after the completion of each and every section….

Section 3)their was 20 apti questions…..for that RS AGG is sufficient… Their was problems on ├ápipes +time and work+ based on train+ problem on numbers+ profit and loss + area and volume

Section 4) this section contains 20 questions…many problem on series…. And 3 question was repeated from previous year please Atleast solve before facing the written exam… This section had problems on->>series(6 Question).+ missing number( 2Q).+.venn diagram + data sufficiency All these are cat pattern….and RS AGG is sufficient.

Section 5 )In this section we have to fill the blanks and radio buttons was given . In this fill the option with correct form …or….word meaning etc.. This section was easy….

M giving some interview questions…
1. describe yourself?
2. wat r ur strengths?
3. what is your latest achievement?
4. what r u doin to improve your weekness???
5. how innovative r u??
6. one thingh which u want to change in ur lifestyle?
7. In the past 3 months..what u have done???
8. wat u want to become in ur next life?/..and why???
9. can u sing a song for me??
10. one thing which is not mentioned in yur cv???
11. hw du u consider yourself more efficient that other??
12. du u want tu ask ne question ?
13. tell me yur last sem 5 subjectss….
14. which is yur fav subject? And why?
15. (for M.E gurls) why u have choosen M.E?/…and how du u manage it??
16. tell 5 positive points about ur branch?
17. 10 uses of pen, cap,stepler,paper,paperweight.,shirt.etc
18. why shuld I take u?
19. who is ur branch HOD?....and…principle?...and….librarian?
20. wat is the colour of the door thrugh which u hav entered?
21. speak on this room where ur interview is goinn on?
22. wat du u like about ur college?
23. wat r ur future planngs?
24. why MBA?
25. where du u consider yourself after 3 yrs?
26. why this compny?
27. hw was ur day?
28. why should I take u?
29. hw was the paper?
30. tell me yur strengths and weekness with examples?
31. what is yur aim?/…and goal??/
32. du u hav gurlfrnd?
I wish best of luck to all of u….
I got finally selected in tech mahindra
Meet u there….


Aptitude was a bit tough. But i continued with the ones which i could solve easily. The time was biggest constraint into this. Some puzzles were tough and some were easy. RS Agg. was more than enough. Que were from time & work, SI, streams. We were provided with rough sheets to do the calc. On the whole it was not tough.

Logical was the one which i found difficult. Some que were with figures, and numbers were inserted into it and we were asked to find the missing. Some series related to time were given. These were really tough. This section was tough.

English was the most easiest to solve. Que related to fill the blank with appropriate word and tense, prepositions, 3-4 synonyms. This section could be done with any avg student.
I took 40 min to do the first 2 sections and the remaining 20 min to do the 3 english sections. However if u get stressed easily then u must begin with english sections, as these are easy and less time consuming followed by apti and then logical. But i will advise u to begin with apti. Concentrate well into the test and dont look here & there. And keep a watch on the time. There was no -ve marking, so do mark all the answers.
After 1/2 hr our result was out and I was one of those who cleared written.

The aptitude consisted of 5 sections:
1.Non verbal.
3.English grammer(Fill in the blanks).
4.Some englist test(multiple choice, some meanings, acronyms, opposites etc).
5.English comprehension just match up appropriate word in passage based on the question).

Section 1: 20 Q.Quantitive (some of them was realy hard ) [should take 25 min]
Section 2: 20 Q.Puzzels, Non verval, verval (easy) [ can take 15 min]
Section 3: 10 Q. Fill in the blanks (very easy) [ can take 3-5 min]
Section 4: 10 Q. Preposition, …. (very easy) [can take 3-5 min]
Section 5: 10Q. there was a paragraph.. not soo long, 1st check the question then read the para… [10 min iz enough 4 that] Then technical round..

In technical round I was asked form RDBMS,Normalisation,Oracle,OS,Creation of dobly link list and pointer.I was asked how many bytes a pointer variable takes?The personel asked me to draw a table and break it upto 3NF.I answered all the questions quite confidently and I was selected for HR.
The logic section consisted of questns like time series (12.30, 3.01,5.45, ---), no. series, alphabets and nos combined series etc. The most common & time consuming questions were like: A,B,C,D,E,F stay in a bldg. A lives above D, F lives bet B & E etc. then find who lives bet A & F.
Another eg: Train starts wid x no of passenger, 1/3rd get down at first station and 120 get in, 3/4th get down at 2nd statn & 78 get in, the no of passengers in the train at last station is 240. Find the initial no of passengers dat the train started wid.
Maths section consisted of sum very easy qustns (like: wen a no is divided by 4 it is reduced by 21, find the no) and sum xtremely tough ones. I just went on solving the questions dat i found easy and den tackled the tough ones 2wards the end.
My advice: Dont rely on only R.S. Agrawal as many of us tend to do. Since most of the companies know dat students refer dis book dey r sure to put sum diffrent kinda questns. B ready for that. Dont practice 2 much of English, u will neway find it easy. And most imp. dont think ur paper wud b of the same pattern as mine, it may b, it may not b, coz mine was quite different frm most of the cmpany papers dat i saw on Freshersworld. Another thing, der will b 5 diffrnt papers, so all wont get the same paper. Keep this in mind if u plan to copy! I didnt copy and it is better not to do so coz it leads 2 time wastage and u might mark sum wrong answrs.
Sum of us like me had our technical first while others had HR. I was asked 4-5 tech qustn frm which i knew only 3, and i confidently said no to the other 2 questn, but the ones dat i knew i answred clearly & correctly. I was also asked to describe the college proj i had mentioned in my resume. So b thorough wid ur proj and dont put it in ur resume if u copied it frm sumwhere and have no idea wat it does.
No programs were asked. The quetn i was asked were: 1) SDLC cycle - i told only full form of sdlc and said i dont know about the cycle. 2)C++ features over C - answrd correctly 3) 3rd normal form - i said no, nvr heard of it 4) describe 2 Software development models - answrd correctly.
HR was a cakewalk. I was asked TEll me about urself. My strengths, weaknesses, and any 2 things i liked about MBT. Some of my frnds who had their HR first were asked a bit diffrnt questns like: A stick was shown and my frnd was asked to write 15 diffrnt uses for it.
My advice for Technical & HR: B confident and say no if u dont know the ans 2 sum questn, dont try 2 bluff ur way thru it, b honest
Hi,guys I'm Sudipto from Techno India college.MBT came to our college at 12th march for on campusing.There were three modes of selection thru which i have to go.
2.Technical Interview
3.HR Interview.
There were 5 sections in the apti test.The apti test was on-line.The total time was 1hr.
1st part - quanti
2nd part - non verbal &logical reasoning
3rd part - english grammer
4th part - english antonyms & synonyms
5th part - english reading comprehension
1>give me ur intro.
2>how many types of data type r there?
3>fact with recursion.
4> 1array pgrm.
5>diff btwn struct & union.
6>how a pgrm get executed.
7>call by value & call by rfrns.
There were 75 questions to be answered in 60minutes.There were 5 parts in it.
a.Logical Reasoning verbal(20 questions)[Go through R.S. Aggarwal Logical Reasoning]
b.Logical Reasoning Non-verbal(20 questions)[containing data sufficiency type questions,series completion etc]
c.English Vocabulary(15 questions)[synonyms,antonyms,phrase replacement etc]
d.English Verbs,Preposition,Punctuation etc (10 questions)
e.English Paragraph(10 questions)
No sectional cutoff is there.
No negative marking is there.
English part was very easy,so friends try to do it first.

Technical Interview:
Few ques i remember:-

how many key strokes required to type numbers from 1 to 1000
a)2786 b)2890 c)2634 d)2893
ans :D
few non verbal pic puzzles.
a passage
the defeat took hard to digest ---------- -------------- the team.(appropiate prep)
he will _______________ (go)___________ school ___________ monday(appropiate prep and proper form of verb go)
blood realtions related problems like if a is b's sibling b ias wife of c .c is aunt of g .h is son of c .k is daughter of a.relation between
logical reasoning puzzles. and other simple problems.
Technical round:
Q1:)What are your fav subjects?
Q2:)What do you know about recursion?
Q 3:) Can you write one?
Q4:) Write a c prog that deletes itself.
Q5:) Declare a const.char variable.
Q6:)What does dig.electronics deals with?
Q7:)Draw a SR flip flop using nand gates .explain operation
1. Aptitude was easy but you need to be quite sure with short cut formulaes...profit n loss(short cuts in rs agg)
percentage,mensuration,algebra,simple trigonometry, sum of series n nth term type.., time n speed, age problem,

2. Series completion was asked in many questions( not as easy as R.S.aGGARWAL)
Series were like time see this one...
11:32am , 04:31pm, 11:52 am........
sum of times in first one 7, in second- 8, in third -9..

other seies were like a 3x3 matrix ,,find the last alphabet,,, venn diagrams,, child , male , engineers, blood relations..

20 ques,, i took most of the time in this section b'coz of series... series were mostly on time like things,,there were easy ones squares..

3. I completed 10 questions here in 5 minutes..
correct form of tenses..
correct use of prepositions
at: used with small towns, villages
in: big cities, provinces, countries..

we often make mistakes with tenses n prepositions b'coz we hav got out of schools where time was given on grammar things...i would say that even a good school time grammar book can suffice for this section..

4. word meanings--synonyms,,antonyms etc..
as i was preparing for tcs exam, i was going through barrons..that was easy...sentence correction questions also..

5.I thought that there wud be comprehension, we were told outside by previous slot students that " 10 questions based on paragraph"
so thought to deal with at last.
but i got only 7 mins with this section
thank God that comprehension was easy
in this 10 questions like fill ups were given which really helped me to go thru this only in 5 mins....

There WAS Sectional cut off this way
1.combined sectional cut off for section 1n 2..(maths n reasoning section )
2.combined sectional cut r three english sections...
i managed to attempt atleast 80 pc ques in each section,,,, n i attempted 100pc ques in 2 sections(3 n 1)
So,,,with God's blessings,,,I cleared this one line test...results within 1/2 an hour ..

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