Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Genpact profile

Genpact is the largest Business Services & Technology Solutions company in India with a global presence. Since it was established in 1997, the company has been driving process improvements to help enterprises improve their revenue, cash, costs, margins, speed, and customer relationships globally.

Operating in six countries, Genpact combines strong business and domain knowledge with Six Sigma and Lean quality methods to deliver important year-over-year cost and productivity gains to customers.

In 2005, Genpact’s revenues were $493 million. A company majority owned by GE and the private equity firms of General Atlantic and Oak Hill Capital Partners, Genpact has 20,000 highly skilled associates specialized by industry - banking/finance, insurance, manufacturing, transportation, and automotive and by the impact areas they serve - sales & marketing analytics, supply chain and aftermarket services, financial services core operations & collections, finance & accounting, information technology services, and enterprise application services & program management.

Global operations centers are located in: India, China, Hungary, Romania, US and Mexico.

For more details visit www.genpact.com

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