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IBM paper pattern

IBM Test Pattern Detailed

Pattern :

The test consists of three rounds as of all of us know Written , Technical & HR interviews for job .

The written paper contains 55 Qns to be answered in 1hr.

It contains the Qns on verbal ability,Aptitude,reasoning, Attention details & technical.

The verbal ability includes the following Qns.

I got ___________ in traffic so got late (struck/struckup/hold/……).

Mr Benerjee the officer of …. was questioned ___________(for ,with,on,to) his connection regarding the murder.
The proteins present in ____ apple ,____banana,______Egg are very essential ………..
We have to fill the blanks with a, an or the ( ans: an,a,an)

A Qn was asked on the meaning of underlined word
Here the word is Therapeautic .

Miss X ( some name is given ) given a speech on _____ bank of ____ river kaveri regarding _____________ abilities of the women . like that the Qn goes here also they have given the options like
1 a, an ,the
2 the,the,a
3 a, the,a
4 the, the, the

thre is an essay abt the ATM behavior & usage ,security mechanisms ,connectivity, technology used like that .
Qns are asked as follows.
1. how an ATM is connected to net.
2. what the operation not mensioned in the passage
a. with drawl b. deposit c. donations to charities d . amount transaction btnm accounts
3. which of the following is false.

some time s Atm are un reliable.
They are connected through modems.

3. which is not a possible error regarding ATM.
a. mechanical error b. s/w error .i/p error ……..( the answer depends on the passage & actual errors given)
4. why ATM s are kept in shops
a. because there is no chance of theft there
b. no space in banks.
c. there will be more no of people.

Then csome Qns are on venn diagram models
1 . In a party 10 take only tea 15 take tea & 8 take only coffee then what is the number of persons take either coffee or tea.(nos are not exact).
2. In a college there are students who can play either football or cricket or both.
500 play cricket 220 play both & 600 play football .what is the total strength of the college.

Like this there are one or two more Qns… they r also easy & simple

Then now real IBM pattern starts. It also will be easy but needs a little bit of practice other wise u should have high spontaneous analyzing capacity.

Some 3 Qns are given with instructions like : given three strings check which of them are same ans: A if all are same, B if 1&2 are same, C if 1&3 are same, D if 2&3 are same, E if all are different

Strings are given as
1. a. 66749384879456 b. 6674934879456 c. 6674934879456

3. a. 34523897346579 b.343647654869679 c.346548364874379

Three Qns are given in the following model:
1.If + is replaced by *,* is replaced by -,- is replaced by / ,/is replaced by% nad % is replaced by + then what is the value of the following expression.


Some options will be given u have to choose correct answer. (all the digits are not same)

Next two of the same model but they are giving 4 expressions like above we have to find which one is correct.

Like: a. 35-2+4/3%42=35
b. 25+4-5%6*7=28

Like this they r giving 2 Qns. This seems to be some what risk just increase the speed of calculations .

The remarkable Qn of IBM is on cubes, in this imagination plays major role.

Given a Qn like this: there r three cubes arranged side by side

Each cube is divided into 64 cubes then top most layer of second cube is removed & top two layers of third cube are removed.

& then total volume is painted

1. what is the number of cubes painted on 1 face , 2. two faces, 3. three faces , 4. four faces , 5. no face.

This qn needs more imagination or u have to know the answer well before for this particular qn.

Some Qn s are given on data sufficiency here also analysys plays major role.

There r some 4 or 5 Qns in this model

Like a can do a worked for 5 days & b worked for 7 days how many days they taek to complete the work ……… that .

There r 3 more qns on relations ship btn numbers , on the solving of eqns.
Then we can have some Qns on technical
One Qn on c, one Qn on UNIX, one on RDBMS , on on processors like that total I had only 6 to 8 Qns

Qns are like this : what is the o/p of printf(“%d”,printf(ram)); ans:ram3
What is the command to kill or stop a process in unix ( kill,stop,terminate ……) . ans : kill (check it out)

Unix is what kind of OS ( multiuser & multitasking).

Like that some what easy Qns we can get.

In this written test I got 42 out of 54( one Qns is not printed well so they asked us to leave it) I saw it when they are pinning my resume to my applcn form & answer sheet.

I got selected for technical interview for job I was called up by Mr. Adithya for the first round of interview for job .

Technical interview for job .

The technical interview for job went on very cool such that we can say it as simple HR .
I got some Qns abt project & languages .

First I entered his cabin by saying excuse me sir .
He responded well invited me by shaking hand & offered the seat.
I said thank u & sat .
The interview for job started like this.
Adithya: have u attended the presentation in the morning?
My self: yes sir.
A: any more qns other than qns asked there?
M: If I got selected into IBM what kind of environment can I expect ( team /individual)
A: ya u can work on various technologies which we train u on . here u have work with the data base of Airtel on behalf of IBM. U can go for any of the technologies depending on the requirement & location preferences…………
M: is there any pre requisites for the job?
A: not needed but u can learn on ur own interest but not necessary.

Then he asked me abt my self.

I have my details as a flowing river which is well practiced followed by hobbies ,strenths & weakness, achievements.

A: what is ur greatest strength i.e c/c++/java/php/oracle like that(he said all the subjects )?
M: I have strong knowledge in C, I know oracle well , I am interested in java also.
He asked what is poly morphism? Afte that what is pointer ?
I answered without any late

A: tell me abt ur project.
I explained the project as I am selling a product to him( with all the benefits by highlighting all the advatages & purpose of project)
By giving the details in the following order:
Project name client name …. Purpose ( simple in one line) back end
After that detailed description of flow was given .
A: what is ur role in ur project?
M : analysis, coding & testing ( analysis,coding,testing mantioned in resume)

A: u have analysed ,designed,coded,& tested the project .
M : ya
A: what the others have done
Here I got a chance to present me as a good maneger & ithink this is one major point I made an impression on him
I answered that as a leader I shared the total wotk among all the members
Ae r 5 people
2 are allotted for only documentation
are allotted for only development I myself designed the data flow & screens & the data base ,how it should be.
Then database was to one guy to develop & one guy taken all the interfaces to develop I developed the server side scripting & I have tested all the coponents individually & integrated & tested again . In this way I participated in all the activities as a leader.
Here he got satisfied with the way I supporting my words.

So what ever u say , be sure that it is supported well .

Then he asked abt achievements.

I said that I have presented a paper .

Then he asked the details abt what did u do & what has been presented in the presentation.
Here also the same confidence was shown & given a brief explanation.

A: any more qns regarding IBM other than the subject / technology.
M: why ibm is considering the women & disabled cases while all others are looking for only talent for their profit .

He answered that qn for 3 minutes explaining abt the talent of woman then the risks of taking woman & how they are handling them & encouraging them.

I said it is very impressive & I like this culture
Then he asked me to wait for some time & hr will be conducted.

Among 27 people 7 were called for hr interview for job

After 1 1/2 hr I was called up to hr as a 5th guy .

It went on very casually.
Just I entered the cabin . I said excuse me. He smiled at me & shook hand & offered the seat . he is very cool I felt very interest in talking with him. He is … some singh.
He started vth a qn how r u dinesh
Ans : fine thanku & asked how r u.
Singh : u r from kadapa ?
A: yes sir
S: there we can get some thing round like pebbles or some thing icant get that name can u bring it for me.
A: is it a bomb?( generally kadapa is welknown for hand made bombs)
S: no
A: mangoes?( we are having a plenty of mango gardens there)
S: no
A: any kind of sweet?
S: no it was a thing which available there only, kadapa is well known for it .
Actually I didn’t get what he want but I decided to show my skills again.
A: ok sir if want I will bring it for u.
S: sure?
A: definitely I will bring it ( stressing the first word as I am having them in my pocket).
S: ok tell me abt ur self
I told the same by hearted essay which contains all my educational details ,hobbies,strenths & weaknesses.

He stressed on weakness i.e. he just given an expression I understood that he wants more regarding that.
Then I have given a brief explanation with example regarding weakness & told how I managed to over come that.

S: what kind of work u r dreaming of ?
A: I should be given a chance to prove my innovation or I should work in an environment where my innovative thoughts can work on behalf of me.wher I can get a significance to my work which worth of a huge amount of money.(here I have given more importance to work satisfaction than money)
S: mr dinesh u r going to be placed for BPO where u have to operate over a s/w which is already developed where u can get very less chances of programming . is it ok for u?
A: yes sir . I want to just launch my self into the s/w company through a company like IBM. No problem I can work here.
S: tell me abt ur family
I told abt my family , as a part of that I mentioned my native place name.

He asked abt that whare it is?
& then
S: how far is it from Hyderabad ?
A: 400 kms( ans delivered instantly without any gap of even a milli second but it is actually 500-600km here the speed is required rather than the facts coz none of us measured the distance personally)
S: whare r u staying?
A : Hostel in SR nagar ( again vth the same speed).
S : can u relocate to B’lore or pune?
A: yes sir
S : sure?
A : definitely I will relocate.
S: if I give a chance to choose among banglore,pune,Chennai & Hyderabad which one u choose.
Here I have taken all the freedom to express my view with out any hesitation
I have given my preferences as per my convenience & also said that if it is neede I can work in any places with out any problem . its just my preference as u asked.

S: ok mr"YOU" thank u pls u can leave & wait out side .

I was unable to understand , for what he called me & with out asking any single tough qn ( I know ibm interviews for job are always tough) he Is sending me out what he is going to judge abt me .

& asked when can I expect the result?
S: just wait for 15 min we will tell u . U had ur lunch?
A: yes sir.
S: then pls go & relax .
I am unable to guess what is going to happen but I felt with confidently that if they choose 4 or 5 I should be one of them.

Gudluck for ur employment and optimization of ur Career

Ibm aptitude placement paper

1. In 1978, a kg of paper was sold at Rs25/-.If the paper rate increases at 1.5% more than the inflation rate which is 6.5% a year, then what wil be the cost of a kg of paper after 2 years?

(a) 29.12

(b) 29.72

(c) 30.12

(d) 32.65

(e) none of these

2. If a car starts from A towards B with some velocity.Due to some problem in the engine after travelling 30km, the car goes with 4/5 th of its actual velocity.The car reaches B 45 min later to the actual time.If the car engine fails ofter travelling 45km, the car reaches the destination B 36 min late to the actual time.What is the initial velocity of car & what is the distance between A & B in km

Ans. 20 & 130.

3. In A,B,C are having some marbles with each of them. A has given B & C the same number of marbles each of them already have.Then, B gave C & A the same number of marbles they already have.Then C gave A & B the same number of marbles they already have.At the end A,B,& C have equal number of marbles.

(i) If x,y,z are the marbles initially with A,B,C respectively.

Then the number of marbles B have at the end

(a) 2(x-y-z)

(b) 4(x-y-z)

(c) 2(3y-x-z)

(d) x + y-z

Ans. (c)

(ii) If the total number of marbles are 72, then the number of marbles with A at the starting

(a) 20

(b) 30

(c) 32

(d) 39

Ans. (d)

4. A person has Rs 100/- in his pocket, he can as 25 pencils or 15 books.He kept 15% of the money for travelling expenses & purchased 5 pencils.So how many books he can purchase with the remaining money.

5. 10 Questions on analogies.

eg: chief : tribe :: governer : state

epaulette : shoulder :: tiara : head

guttural : throat :: gastric : stomach

inept : clever :: languid : active

knife : butcher ::

hammer : carpenter ::

6. The values of shares (in Rs).of A, B & C from January to June are as follows.





























i) During this period which share has undergone maximium fluctuation?

ii) In which month it is possible to buy B & C selling A?

iii) In which month the share values are very low?

iv) By purchasing one share of A & 4 each of B & C in the beginning of the period, when should these be sold to get maximum profit?

7. In a computer institute 9 languages can be taught.The module is of 6 months duration & of the six languages only one can be taught each month.In addition to that BASIC is always taught & should be in first month itself.

WORD PERFECT is to be taught in the preceeding week of WORD STAR.

FORTRAN can not be taught until COBAL is taught prior to that.

BINO, FIFO can never be taught in single module.


i) If word star is in 3rd month , what could be in 6th month.

ii) If COBAL is in the 2nd month & BINO in 6th month. FORTRAN will be taught in which month.

8. In a class, except 18 all are above 50 years.15 are below 50 years of age. How many people are there?

(a) 30

(b) 33

(c) 36

(d) none of these.

Ans. (d)

9. A square plate of some size is cut at four corners. Equal squares of the same size are cut & is formed as open box.If this open box carries 128 ml of oil. What is the size of the side of the plate?

(a) 17

(b) 14

(c) 13

(d) None of these

10. In a square, all the mid points are joined. The inner square is shaded.

If the area of the square is A, what is the area of the shaded area?

11. Two questions on basic angles i.e given a circle, a few chords or diameter is drawn etc.

12. If the follwoing statements are given

@(a,b)= (a+b)/2

/(a,b)= a/b

*(a,b)= ab

If a=1, b=2 then find

i) /(a,(@(a,b),*(a,b)))

ii) */(a,@(*(a,b)))

16. In UNIX a files i-node ......?

Ans. Is a data structure that defines all specifications of a file like the file size, number of lines to a file, permissions etc.

17. The UNIX shell ....

a) does not come with the rest of the system

b) forms the interface between the user & the kernal

c) does not give any scope for programming

d) deos not allow calling one program from with in another

e) all of the above

Ans. (b)

18. enum number { a=-1, b= 4,c,d,e}

What is the value of e ?

(a) 7

(b) 4

(c) 5

(d) 15

(e) 3

19. The very first process created by the kernal that runs till the kernal process is halts is

a) init

b) getty

c) both (a) & (b)

d) none of these

Ans. (a)

20. Output of the following program is


{int i=0;



case 0:i+=5;

case 1:i+=2;

case 5:i+=5;

default i+=4;





a) 0,5,9,13,17

b) 5,9,13,17

c) 12,17,22

d) 16,21

e) Syntax error

Ans. (d)

21. What is the ouptut in the following program?


{char c=-64;

int i=-32

unsigned int u =-16;















a) Pass1,Pass2

b) Pass1,Fail2

c) Fail1,Pass2

d) Fail1,Fail2

e) None of these

Ans. (c)


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