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TCS test preparation pattern

FYI (For Your Info)

TCS Test Pattern:
It was an online exam…. Test Consists of 3 Sections…
1. Test on Synonyms and Antonyms (40 questions, 20 minutes: Also Q’s on Sentence Completion).
2. Aptitude Test (32 questions, 40 minutes: General Questions on Mathematics).
3. Critical Reasoning (30 Minutes: 3 Analysis Paragraphs and 12 questions Relating them).
4. Psychometric Test (150 Questions, 30 minutes: only if you Qualify in the above tests).

Details about How to Prepare for the above tests:

1. Verbal Ability:

This Test contains Synonyms & Antonyms…Almost all of them were From GRE
BARRON’S 12th Edition & upward…30-50% of them will be repeated from previous
TCS papers. Few Questions on Sentence Completion were also there..for these also refer

During the Exam you should be careful because on the computer screen the names
Synonyms & Antonyms will be placed side by side so that we may by mistake choose
an antonym instead of a synonym…so Be Careful..

2. Aptitude Test:

This test will consist of very general questions…This is the easiest section Compared to the
Other two. Almost 70-80 Questions will be repeated from the Previous TCS Papers…just
learn the method from those papers same model will be given..(This happen almost all
the times). If you have time refer to any Aptitude book of your interest…it may be
R.S.AGARWAL or any Other……

3. Critical Reasoning:

Here Starts your Problems…30 Minutes…12 questions..don’t think that there is a lot of
Time..these will be somewhat tougher those who has some touch with such kind..and will
be Very Tough.. if you haven’t seen this kind,you should have some practice
relating this kind of questions…

3 paragraphs will be given.. 3X4.. 12 questions.. first 2 paragraphs will be
some twisty questions… like our arrangements questions… routes between cities.. like
that… and the last one will be on Data Interpretation…

you prepare Data Interpretation again from BARRON’S…. but the remaining
from R.S.AGARWAL-Reasoning…. Or from Barron’s 13th Edition

4. Psychometric Test:
This test comes up only if you qualify in the Aptitude test… This test consists of 150
questions which we should answer in 30 minutes (of course, that much time is not required)
Don’t think that this test has no weightage.. there is filtering in this test too… this test tests
your psychology.. Remember among 150 many questions were asked again & again in a
variety of ways.. so don’t get trapped… be honest while attempting this test.. choose what
you’re your heart says.. it will take you through the test..

This ends the Tests……


Now if you are Alive Even after All these tests….then you have to face a Technical Interview…
It may be on the same day of the Test.. so be Prepared in Advance…..
The Interview will be done by a Panel of 2 members…. No need to worry.. They will be Very
supporting & Friendly.. First they ask us to Introduce ourselves… then they’ll go into your project
details… don’t forget to prepare project…. They mainly concentrate on your project only…so be
confident on every aspect of your project… then you should have some basic knowledge on C
language. There will be some questions like “what is the o/p of this code?”, “what are the errors in
the code?” that… so be prepared for all the basic concepts.. If needed you have to write some
small codes too.. at the end they will ask some general questios like “Why TCS?”, “Where do you
see yourself in the next five years?”, “do you have any questions?”, try ask some questions… it
shows your interest in the Company..


Now if Chase this one too…. Then comes your Final Attack.. the HR Round… I many times heard
that “I failed in HR round!”.. likewise anwers…. But you should not fail in it.. because it involves
no technical questions… it just dwell into your innerself… so, be confident and frank while facing
this round…They generally ask questions like “Tell about yourself?”, “Who r your role models?”,
“What is your weakness?”, don’t say “I Have no weakness!”, just prepare a small weakness for
yourself that causes no harm to your future…O.K.. “What is your mother tongue?”

if your Academic background is good.. be prepared to face some Techies here too….


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