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Satyam placement papers n interviews


Satyam Recruitment Process consists of three phases.
They are:
1. Written Test (Aptitude, Reasoning)
2. Group Discussion.
3. Technical + HR Interview Round.

Written Test: In General the question paper consists of 15 Questions. Among those 15, 10 questions are from APTITUDE and 5 are from reasoning Topics.

The Main Topics one has to concentrate are

Group Discussion: GD is the Elimination around. One has to take more and more precautions in this around. Usually the GD in Satyam can be conducted among 8-10 candidates.

Points to Remember:

• Maintain Dress Code.
• Facial Expressions should be good.
• Maintain Eye contact.
• Smile on your face is very important.
• Don’t put cross legs and cross hands.
• While others giving their views better to see their faces, and try to jot it down on paper.
• They will give 2 minutes time to think better to make a note of all the points that are going to be discussed.
• Try to Initiate the Discussion. It will show Your Leader ship qualities.
• Even If you don’t know the points try to listen the views of others carefully.
• The Good Listener can also be selected in GD.
• Better to Participate in the GD 3 to 4 times to share your Opinions.
• If HR wants you to conclude try to use the Phrase that “On Behalf of my group I can conclude that…..”
• Don’t try to see the HR/ Observer at any time in Your Discussion. It leads bad Impression.

Note: Don’t be Nervous in the GD, think that these 6-8 minutes is very valuable in your Life…, Be clear in your delivery that leads you clear in the GD. Remember one point If you Clear GD, The chances of Selecting for SATYAM is 90%.

Technical + HR Round:-

In Satyam, there will be no separate Technical and HR Rounds; both can be conducted in the same Round.

The Compulsory Questions you will face are:

• Tell Me about Your self. (You have to tell your personal details, family background, Educational Details).
• If you are not an IT Student, HR, mainly concentrates on C and Operating Systems.
• If you are an IT student they will ask questions on C, C++, Operating Systems, and DBMS/SQL. Based on Specialization they will ask Questions on Java or .Net also.
• Always they will concentrate on Basics only, be thorough in the Basic Concepts
• The HR wants the Spontaneous responses, If you don’t know the answers just say SORRY Sir/Madam.
• Remember one important thing; communication skills are very very important, without that, you are unable to get into IT Sector.


All Questions Carry Equal Marks:
1. To calculate the cost of painting 4 walls (10* 5* 12 m) of a room with only one door of (2*3) we should:
a. data 1 is sufficient
b. data 2 sufficient
c. both 1 ,2 sufficient
d. insufficient data
2. A series was given:
20,25,30,28,35,42,36,?,54,66,77,88 Find ?. ans 45
3. A can do a work with probability 1/2, b with 3/9 and c with 6/11.. find probability that working together they will not do it.
4. 2 Liters of mixture has 1/3 water and rest spirit. it is mixed with 5 lt of sample with 1/5 water and rest spirit. Find the ratio of water and spirit.
5. A pyramid was given
956 956
123 111 123
20 16 16 20
3 2 1 2 3
7. Question on Coding
8.The Area of circle inscribed in a square of area 147 sq m
9. A question was on CI & SI. CI was given rate was given time was given. Had to find SI for the same sum at same conditions.
10. A figure sequence was given.. HAD to determine next step..


Tips To Be Selected for SATYAM.

1. Friends, I would like to say that never attempt all the aptitude questions, as there is “Upper Cut-off”. There is also .25 negative marking for every wrong answer.

2. Only attempt those questions which you are 100% sure. If you have a good communication skill then you can definitely cross the GD round. Never get tensed while you are GD round. Just speak some valid points with proper English, and then you can easily cross the GD round. Try to speak some new point and avoid repeating the same points that were already told.

3. In HR round, you must have a good communication skill and never get tensed. HR may cross you a lot, but you must be very cool. They only check your nerve during that moment. My HR round Questions were like,

1. “Why Satyam should hire you?”
2. “Why do you want to join Satyam?”
3. “Where do you want to see 5 years from now?” etc.
4. Whatever answer I was giving, HR was crossing me. But I remained cool and gave the answers.

4. Before you go for HR, you will be given resume form, which you have to fill it up that moment. You must be prepared with what you have written there because the HR may ask you questions from there."


Test Pattern
WRITTEN (15 questions -30 min)—(1/4 negative marking) Cut off 7-8 marks min and 11-12 max
Please don’t attempt questions, in which you are not 100 % sure.

1. Complete the series
7, 14, 21, 9, 18, _, 11, 22, 33
Ans: - 27

2. Pyramid series
65 56
33 ? 24
15 16 10 12
Ans: - 28

3. There is a field inside that there is a rectangular grass field with dimension 12X8 meter. One horse is tied at one corner of the grass field with a rope of 10 Mtrs. Horse is not allowed to enter the grass field .How much area it will graze?
e. none of these
Ans (e)

4. A man is having some money deposited in bank. In the 1st yr he gets 8% interest, 2nd yr -11 %, 3rd yr- 13%.If he gets Rs 12,400 at the end of three yr. How much he deposited.

5.12 man can complete a work on 12 days .For a work 12 men work for 6 days and then 4 more men joins them .How much more time will be required?

6. A man took Rs 1000 as loan on simple interest of 5%.But he pays Rs 200 annually as interest and amount. How much he will have to return after three years?

7. Find the angle b/w the hands at 14:42 hours?
a.171 b.172 c.176 d.181
8. What are the no. of words that can be formed from 'COOLER' such that both the Os are not together.

9. (This type copied. .question was similar to this) the question is like this: if 1 can be written as # and 0 can be written as % and some data was given only to scared u --------- and after that they gave some examples to explain the theory as
1 is written as #
2 is written as #%
3 is written as ##
4 is written as #%%
then what is the LCM of 20, 30, 36
10. A Question on Probability? (Just basic concept)
11. A Question on Passage (6-8 lines passage)
12. and 13. Reasoning (one was easy and other was bit tough)
14. Very simple based on PIE diagram (Just know how to calculate from pie chart).


*"Women OR Men - who are better Managers"
*”Marriages are made in heaven”
* Old India vs. new India
* love marriages
* BPO in India
* arranged marriages vs. love marriages
* is brain drain good 4 India
* Is education necessary 4 politicians
* Marriages r made in heaven
* Role of youth in politics etc..
* Is G.D. necessary for fresher recruitment?
* Impact of China on Indian industries
* Terrorism
* is group discussion necessary for fresher or not.
* ragging
* At a critical position will u attempt a suicide or be murdered
* Is defense a right career for women or not
* Role of youth in India to eradicate corruption
* 75yrs Vajrothsavalu-did they achieve the goals or not
* KBC is money making or not
* Present cricket team
* is politics there in sports
* Fresher prefer brand name or money
* Illiteracy, unemployment hand by hand
* Role of media on public
NOTE:- Marks are given for each point you speak…Speak with confidence with valuable points. Mass rejection is done in this phase only. Do co-operate with others. Check body language, expressing style n all. Do not look at HR during discussion.

TECH + HR:- Basic questions from C/C++, Project, DBMS, OOP .Be prepared with general HR questions. Again check body language, expressing style n all. Look into HR eyes as much as u can.


The paper of satyam was mind blowing......the questions were a little bit typical.... 30 min were fine for 15 questions.

There was negative marking 1/4 for each wrong answer. Each question was of 1 mark so total paper was of 15 marks. The new thing in the paper was the way the answers were marked. It was different from the traditional method…… the paper was although objective but there were five choices in each question and the correct one was to be crossed on the answer sheet
a b c d e
Suppose the answer is ‘a’ than you have to put ‘X’ on the Wright one and not tick mark or circle in case you put tick or encircle the option the
Question will be considered as WRONG.

Also in case you had put a cross on wrong option than just put three parallel lines on the cross that was put earlier and than choose the other option.


1. The circle is inscribed in a square of area 112 sq mts. What will be the area of circle
Ans: - the answer will be 88 sq mts.

2. Some of the statements were given in which one food item was related to other. These types of questions are given in R.S.Aggarwal.
3. The probability of three students was given for doing a certain work. Find the prob. that the work will be finished by all three.

4. There were two different paragraphs and a different question for them
One was on study of gravity; other was on birds and aero plane

5. One question was on series a triangle was given and one term was missing from it…. We were to find that missing term.

6. One question was figure analysis…. In that we were just to move the sticks in decrementing order and bubbles in incrementing order.

7. One question was that a code for a word POCKET was given as CDTDZR (not the actual question) and another word DOG was given to form its code than its code will be WJE
the last letter T in pocket and the last letter R of the code cdtdzr are having difference of two the next letter has a difference of 4….and so on.

8. On question was that a program war given with certain conditions and its result was to be found
.and a condition was given.
The question was the easiest but a little time consuming.


1. ONLINE EXAM - attended = 2000
Total questions: 15 marks: 30 (marks divided as per tough level as 1, 2, 3 marks.
1. Rivers a, b, c, d, e they will give some conditions (a is bigger than d, e is bigger than c but short than d) you should find which one is shortest.
Ans: e
2. Average finding Sum--- easy to find 4m the choices given.
3. X runs at 4 kmph, Y runs at 4.5 kmph. at what time they wil get separated by 8.5 kms Ans : 17hrs
4 .Number series sum - head breaking (3 marks)
5. In a pond there was 2 Lilly on 31 Jan 2000, 4 Lilly on 1 Feb 2000, 8 Lilly on 3 Feb 2000, and on 28 Feb 2000 the pond was full of Lilies, to find on which day there was 8-digit number of lilies. ------- I didn’t do it.
6. In a party there was 10 members, each one should shake hands with others.....to find how many hands were shacked.
Hint to do this: Permutation & combination.
7. Hari has 75 Rs. he went to market to buy greeting cards he found two varieties of cards 2Rs and 5Rs. he need to buy both type, and should spent entire 74rs. How many possible ways he can buy those greetings
8. Compound Interest problem to find amount
friends skip the tough questions and first complete 1 marks ,then 2 marks, then go ahead to 3 marks, I left two 3marks,
and one 2 marks. the results were announced I got my name announced..

2. GD - attended = 350

My topic was”Women are Men - who r better managers”.
• My panel consisted of 9 students, our moderator is a lady, she encouraged us a lot.
• one guy initiated and he talked for a minute
• Next guy started and talked for 2 minutes. His points are worthless, HR stopped him.
• Next I started and said that neither men or women, only the qualities with them matters, then some 3 talked....... later
• I mentioned that Indira Nooye - CEO of Pepsi is a lady & she guides Pepsi towards profit........ later those who earlier talked again quoted their points, then I started & I told a story that "A child went to a balloon vendor and asked that which color goes higher, he replied that the color does not matters only air inside matters".......
then moderator called names of those who did not talked and asked about their views (result : eliminated)
----------------results came after lunch-------------only 3 got
GD Topics that were conducted on other Panels:

1. Old India vs. New India
2. Impact of media on youth
3. Terrorism
4. Love marriages
5. BPO`S in India
Points to Remember:
1. Don’t make HR to call you name, to speak
2. Speak within 3-4 to grab attention of moderator
3. Don’t talk too much total GD time is 5-10 minutes.
4. Give examples or small stories or short proverbs only if it is related to topic......
if you cleared GD in satyam (Your Marks also is considered in Hr) and if your good to tackle hr's questions, then easily u can clear HR.

3. HR they will provide one satyam form like a complete resume, no need of resumes, they asked to mention current arrears, one of my college mate mentioned his arrear and his hr told that him that he wont select him because of his current arrear -- even he had 1.
also the application has questions to fill like ---- why satyam should hire u, after 5 years where can i see you, what makes u to aspire to satyam.
Interview Experience:
I am a non-IT student (E & I) so they didn’t asked about C, computer based questions but its my case don’t always rely on this.....
Have some knowledge on C.
I met the Hr on 7:30 pm
1st he asked tell me about yourself ?
About my special interests hobbies
why software why not core?
IMPORTANT: As a Core Student what is the Need to turn your career
Into IT Sector. My interested topic in syllabus, and some questions on it finally any questions - I asked about training and the domain..
totally my HR was around 5 minutes, but those who went earlier faced 10 - 15 mins.

GD Topic: My topic was" ROLE OF MEDIA IN SHAPING PUBLIC OPINION" I initiated friends please try to initiate as they have different points of Initiazation don’t look towards d moderator he warned us in d beginning only Inspite of that one of or group member looked n he was not selected
after few minutes it became a fish market they stopped us .Try not to make fish market. Then our individual point of view were asked and they told us to leave
GD was only for not more than 5 min be confident n loud n speak to the point in GD only 181 were selected out of 600
My HR manager was really a cool man be through with your name meaning i have a different name so
• He asked a lot of things related to my name
• Then asked my favorite subject as i m a electronics students I told him electronics den he asked what in electronics I told him semiconductors transistors
• He asked basic function of transistor
and then he asked me to explained transistor considering him as a 4 yr old child I explained in detailed
• Then asked another other favorite subject I told him data structure
• Then he asked favorite subject in school I told Maths
• He asked me to give a law studied in school time in Maths which we used even today in curriculum n in practical too
• I gave the answer he said "FANTASTIC" I was very happy
• Then he asked that I have one question to ask I asked him he gave d answer in detail

Day 1: 9th Feb 07.

1650 attended for test in two groups and 650 got through written test is very easy and cutoff is less 4.
1) If a boy goes at 15kmph and returns back at 20kmph what is his avg. Speed easy one just 2x15x20/(20+15).
2) A Pyramid Q just adding two down numbers with the top one
3) A very easy Q on clocks what is angle between the hands when time is… Ans: 160min
4) Reasoning question which is not seen but tough
5) A Question on probability when a die and coin tossed what is the probability of getting a head and 6 on top.
6) Series Question 2, 4, 6, 5, 9, 8, 10, 12 Ans 7.
7) Another question on reasoning like farmers growing crops and govt.’s subsidies for that just we have obtain the INFERENCE of the Para easy one.
8) Reasoning Q similar to PUZZLE TEST OF R.S.AGGARWALS NON VERBAL REASONONG just by drawing table u can find the answer.
9) PIE Diagram showing a states growth in different categories and Q related to a particular category.
10) Routine question if 0 replaced by 1 and vice versa then what is sum of two numbers 0101010 =1010101 =85.
11) Question on reasoning related to figures to find the fourth successive figure using first three given ones easy.
12) Problem on multiplication a bit logical
That’s all I remember of written please excuse for other Qs So after waiting for 3hrs results were out 650 cleared. They divided into 65 batches of 10 basing on the alphabetical order of their names. Luckily I had GD on next day so prepared well before day some of my friends had on first day.
I MADE THE INITIATIVE AND supported the topic and a strong opposition from another girl but not aggressive went cool Before starting my moderator gave us two minutes to make points but that is not the case in case of other HR so please be prepared. Other topics include
That’s all about GD’S and the filtration is more on second day and from my group only two were selected. There are some batches where not even one has been selected so please be sure about the points and the batch should not be AGRRESSIVE AT ANY COST. SO 135 went for HR, after filling form of satyam, I had my slot at 3:30pm. Around 8 persons were waiting before my HR panel so it took around an hour to get my chance means TEST FOR PATIENCE.



Total No. of student nearly 2000, short listed for GD 700.
Short listed for interview 298.
Final selected 187.

There is 3 Days procedure for selection for US.

First day: - Aptitude paper.
Second day:- Group Discussion.
Third day: - Interviews.

Aptitude test:-

There are simple questions, R.S.Agarwal is sufficient.
10 question of simple maths, 4 English language questions. 1 data interpretation.
The upper cut of is 11 and lower cut of is 6. There is 8 question are very simple easily attended, there negative marking also so be careful.
In maths triangle, series, work, compound interest, percentage and profit loss question. In English logical questions.

Group Discussion:

I couldn't start but iam the second to start. Start with high intensity of voice so other can be silent, then clear and loud able sound. Try to lead the group.
Encourage the other.

My interview based on my projects only I wrote four projects in my resume so he said me to explain each one. I confidently explain each one. 2 more question on my interview then asked me why u joins satyam. Be confident in interview and proper eye contact.

Wishing u all to Best of Luck.

Totally around 1500 appeared 1st batch=800 2nd batch=800
1st batch get selected: 67 2nd batch:45 after final round. Girls will have more chances to get selected.

GD topic: Cell phones should ban in colleges in or not. they are giving some topics like: why red is red, why 7 after 6, also.
Take initiation if not at least try to talk among first three persons then there will be more chances to get selected

Some other GD Topics are:
Women are good managers are not
Brain drain


1) Tell about your self
2) Weakness
3) I think its not a weakness (pleas try to tell your weakness as an weakness only. Give an example of your weakness u faced in life)
4) About my project
5) About my project with an example.
6) Why should satyam hire you?
7) Why do you want to join satyam?
8) Do you have any questions (I ask question about training period and what u will teach us in training period?)

Hi friends,
About test: friends there where 15 questions given Cutoff for my test was minimum 4 and maximum 8.

1. What is the day of 31st July 1957 the date is not exact I did not done this but I will give you idea to do this is in R.S Agarawal
(489)*4+1 year in that see all the odd days in that
2. Logical reasoning very tough question.
3. One question is on probability i.e.., 3 lawyers, a teacher, 2 doctors, 4 Advocates making a committee of 4 members what is the probability to choose a person that he is teacher.
a) 1/2
b) 3/4
c) 1/3
d) None of These
4) A person purchases two items at same price. He sell one at 20% loss, Then how much price he have to sold the second item so for no profit no loss.
a) 22%
b) 24%
c) 28%
d) None of these
5) Find Number?
45, 50, 60,__ , 66, 78, 42, 56, 70 Ans 54
6) ?
66, 66
28 28 28
10 10 10 10
2 2 2 2 2
Ans 144

About GD:
friends PLZ note the names of your fellow persons before going to the G.D that will benefit you much
1. Call all of them with names that will be good point
2. Don't point out anyone with figure
3. Don't get excited don't try for job there try to clear G.D
4. Don't see the invigilator (H.R) seating on besides you
5. Take the chance of starting the discussions, conclusion of discussion, write the points which are discussed in the G.D tell all of them when H.R tells ok give conclusion


Myself Bhagya Raj. This is the Satyam pattern which I faced at Kala bharati, Visakhapatnam. I am from St. Theresa institute of Engg & Tech, Vijayanagaram.

Written test: 15-questions.
1-mark for right answer, 1/4 minus for every wrong answer.
I am attempted 9 questions In that 7 are correct (exact) remaining two ….I solved my best
Remember negative marking will be there, don't try to guess the answers. First choose the questions which are easy and not lengthy. Many question were very easy but only thing is they will try to confuse you.
Most of the questions were from "Quantitative Aptitude” by R.S AGGARWAL"

Topics from which I got questions
1. series completion,
2. Data Interpretation
3. Compound interest
4. Trains & speed
5. Work and Time
6. Averages
7. Clocks……Angle between hour hand and minutes hand …….
8. Volumes
9. Percentages
10. Problem on Ages
11. Reasoning question

TIPS for GD:

• If possible try to start first, if not no problem but try to speak not keep mum.
• Be fixed to your attitude, it is if the opposite person argues strongly don't leave your topic go towards others.
• It's a discussion don't make it as DEBATE, be cool. Don't jump on others. They test your patience too when you are at heavy argument. Patience doesn't mean silence but talk smoothly, try to convince your offenders. (Best way is say “yes” and say your way is best one)
• Always have a smiling face that will carry you towards the success (IN HR ALSO).
• Finally don't forget to conclude the discussion highlighting your strong points.
• Do a small work to know the names of GD members (when division of GD groups ….make friends of your group members) and call them by NAMES in discussion rather than calling friend and so ….
• Don’t see the observer seating besides you.
• Write the points which are discussed in the G.D tell all of them when Observer asks to give conclusion
• At the starting you should wish all the members and introduce yourself and explain your points
• Your eye contact never be diverted from your team members and especially speaking person.
• My personal suggestion is speak louder


Simply study all previous year papers and get it thorough with R.S. Aggarwal.

Study some of the topics like:
1) Problem on pyramids (finding the number @ the top)
2) Some puzzles like one wood contains several trees and each tree contains birds as much as number of trees in wood like that...
3) Another question is on Time and Work.
4) one question is from finding Simple interest & Compound Interest...
5) Also don't forget to see Sequence and series & also one question is from finding the circumference of the garden like that...
6) The trick is so simple: There will be15 questions given in 30 minutes. The cutoff will be 8.if u solve 8/15 u wil definitely crack and get through. One thing is important: 4 questions will be very easy, so crack it first and proceed 2 the next four.
8) Either initiates the GD or makes some valuable points and if they make it as fish market simply dominate and tell them
9) If you clear GD you are 80% placed.
10) If you are fluent in English and be clear in your core side basics alone u can make HR as a cake walk!
Hence it will be a??????????????????...

There were negative markings too for each wrong question. The negative marks were as follows:
If the question carried 3 marks and u attempted wrong answer, then 25% ie 1/4th of 3 marks would be cut from your total score and this was followed for all the questions.

I could remember few questions which I m providing you here.

1. A person invests Rs2000/- on SI of 1 paisa and a rupee for a month. How much he'd get at the end of 4 months.
(a) Rs. 2080 (b) Rs. 2070 (c) Rs. 2060 - i think this should be the answer
(d) Rs. 2000 (e) None of these.

2. A's Height is less than 100m tall. B is taller than A
(I) B is 3 times taller than A
(II)A is 30m shorter than B
(a) Statement (I) alone is enough
(b) Statement (II) alone is enough
(c) Both the statements are required to conclude
(d) (I) and (II) are independently sufficient
(e) Relationship cannot be determined.

3. Two trains A & B of some length (both different) lengths are traveling (sorry forgot the data). Find the time when the two trains will completely cross each other in opposite direction when the speed of the trains are 42kmph and 48kmph(not sure of the data) and find the time when the two trains will completely cross each other when the trains in the same speed are moving in the same direction. Similar sum in RS AGARWAL

4. A problem on permutations. Easy one

5. One paragraph was given and 5 options for answer. We need to select the answer which does not imply the meaning of the paragraph. Easy again

6. A problem on ages.

7. A triangle has its height 5m less than its base. If the area of the triangle is 24sq m, what is the value of height? Formula Area if triangle = 1/2 x base x height Hint: height = base - 5

8. Number series. Simple one. The series followed the difference of 48.

9. There are 9 cities 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9. In how many ways can the city 8 be connected from other cities, directly or indirectly?
Simple one. From the given data the answer can be concluded. But I m Sorry to forget the data

My personal suggestion is be cool and concentrate well on each question. You will have enough time to solve these questions. So don’t fear. I completed the apt 5mins b4 the allotted time and hence I was able to recheck the answers and corrected a couple of them.

Few topics were:

1. Should Cell phones be banned in colleges & universities
2. Brain drain- is it good for India (This was my topic)
3. Should Soft drinks be banned in India?

After the topic was told, we were given 2mins time to think on it and then discussion was lasted for 10mins. The results were announced after an hour and I was thru GD

out of 540, 258 were shorlisted for HR

The Technical HR & Gen HR was on the same day and in one round itself.

My HR was just for 5mins and to my surprise, I was asked two very basic question in technical
I knocked the door and the HR asked me to come in.

I greeted him with a smile.
He asked to sit.

HR: Say something about yourself
ME: Said confidently and fluently

HR: What is your father's business?
ME: Said

HR: What the difference between WINDOWS OS & UNIX OS?
ME: thought for a while (coz I belong to ECE dept) and said Sir, WIN is GUI based OS & UNIX is CUI (Command User Interface) based OS

HR: What is the difference between C++ and C?
ME: Sir, C++ is OOP oriented whereas C is not

HR: What do you know about Software industry?
ME: Explained for approx 3 mins

HR: Ok thank u Rajesh
ME: Thanked him with a smile.

Hi friends,
This satyam recent paper which was conducted at Vizag in 23 November, 2006.

As usual they gave questions from RS Agarwal, and some questions from previous papers.\
Here i am attaching the questions which i have remembered.

1. I don’t remember exact queue. This is on Trains which was very simply.
2. Second queue is on Directions for this refer Verbal and Nonverbal-------------
3. Calendar problem---------------which was very simple. On which dates of November Monday falls in November 2006.
4. One question on algorithm, as like previous paper------
5. One Pyramid problem--------
6. One question seating arrangement that too very easy no need of preparation again from NON verbal and VERBAL.
7. One question on Deriving Logical conclusion from Given Passage.
Refer Verbal Logical Reasoning.
8. One question is on Depreciation of machine cost, this queue is directly from RS Agarwal with Numerical


1. Average weight of p, q, r is given (cannot remember 48 i think) the ratio of students in class p & q is 3:4.no of students in r is 25% more than p. Find the average of all the 3 classes.

2. Odd man out. 1307, 8627, 6792, 7297.
Numbers were not exact but in this model
4. Pie chart problem. One chart was given on the expenditures of a person. His total income is 6000/- .Now his income is 1500/- we have to find the ratio of radii of two pie charts.
a) 2:1 b) sqrt (2):1 c) 1:sqrt(2) etc.

5. A, B, C, D, E are 5 in family. A& D are unmarried women & don’t work. In family there are
businessman, professor, and artist. B is the brother of a & is not artist or businessman. E is husband.
Who is professor?
a) A b) B c) D d) E e) NONE OF THESE.
8. Stamp combination problem. There are 5, 10, 15 paisa stamps with a boys grandmother
and the boy has to paste an equivalent of 45 paisa stamps to post a letter. The total combinations are?
a. 11 b. 12 etc.

9. Some long series of sentences were there I haven’t read them. Some reasoning type.

10. 3 work completion times were given regarding project preparation in hours by 3 teams and if each team person
is equicapable then find the time or days in which the complete some 18 hours or days work or project something
like that not sure.

11. Algorithm problem

Let R=2;
Let R=R+2;
Let K=K+1;
Let K=K*R;
Printf K
Let J= J+K;
If R <= 8
Goto step 2;

Which of the fallowing output is not true?

a. 4 b. 36 etc

12. Simple problem on Simple Interest.
If the person gets one fifth of the sum after lending it for 8 years find the rate of interest

a. 2 ½ etc

13.Pets problem analytical one easy one.
Three Persons sarada, sravani and suchitra have pets. The pets are pet1, pet2, pet3 they buy them in the months March, August, and December. Sarada is busy in the month august and sravani bought pet3 in December and Suchitra will buy in the month august but won’t buy pet1.
What pet and which one will Sarada buy. Question is not exact, its only model

14. Related to R.S Aggarwal Line-Graphs problems

15.Boats and streams
Given stream velocity x, boat goes down stream by 30 KM and comes back. Total time is 4:30 Hours. Find the speed of the boat.

Written: There will be 4 easy questions which can be answered in 5min, then try to do another 4 in 25 min, that’s all. This is for those who are fully confident of getting those 8 rights, because cutoff will be < 7 at max 8. Others try to answer maximum and for some question we can eliminate 3 options easily. Be careful negative marking is there. One thing written test is easy.
some questions of aptitude are-

1) Average weight of p, q, r is given (cannot remember) the ratio of students in class p&q is 3:4.no of students in r is 25% more than p. Find the average of all the 3 classes.
2) Odd man out (5 options where given)
3) A,B,C,D,E are 5 in family. A& D are unmarried women & don’t work. In family there are businessman, professor, and artist. B is the brother of a & is not artist or businessman. E is husband. Who is professor?
a) A b) B c)D d) E e) NONE OF THESE.
4) PIE chart is given for a salary 6000 what will be the ratio of radius with a salary of 1500. a) 2:1 b) 1:2 c)3:2 d)none of these.
5) Sum in S.I. becomes 5 times its principal in 8 years what is the rate? a) 5/2 b) 6/3 c) d) none of these.

GD: for me it is the easiest, because we have attended a lot of GD’s before and we are fully aware of GD’s. It is cake walk if you have some practice before and able to speak for some time grabbing the chance. Leadership qualities are seen more. Try to give a chance for people who are sitting idle, that’s all it’s a part of leadership quality. Ours GD was a one which takes pace in fish market. We din have a proper GD, moderator was very angry. Although I showed the leadership Quality n fortunately i was selected. Our GD topic was “IS INDIAN CITIES READY FOR ANY DISASTER” all of us were against the topic and before the end we also covered some positive aspects regarding that and some preliminary measures for those


1. Find the area of the quadrilateral if the length of the diagonal is 30cms and the length of the lines intersecting the diagonal at right angles are 20cms and25cms?

2. Some series question

3.some reasoning question which was based on the population and the habitat of the people and it was easy.

4. Question on vocabulary.
Jumbled words were given and we need to find the correct order
this was also a bit easy.

5. A question on compound interest. Something like
A man borrowed Rs X from 2 money lenders for 6 months with an interest of Rs Y and Rs Z. Finally he had to clear a debt which was double the amount that he borrowed. So finally what was the compound interest that has been gained by the lender?

6. An empty fuel tank of a car was filled with type petrol. When the tank was half empty, it was filled with B type petrol. Again when the tank was half-empty , it was filled with A type petrol. When the tank was half empty again, it was filled with B type petrol. What is the percentage of type petrol at present in the tank?

7. A question on time and work. (Numbers were different but the model was exact)
Something like A, B and C can complete a work in 10 days. A worked for 2 days with B and C who can complete the work in 7days .while the remaining work was completed by B and C in 5 days. How many days does B take to complete the work alone?

8. A question on the number pyramid.
It was a bit tough.

9. Some reasoning question related to women and children.
It was quite easy and can be completed in time.
10. A question on clocks.
The minutes hand gains 45% at 11.20am and looses 30% at 11.20 pm. so finally what is the percentage of the time gained by the minute’s hand.

11. A question on figures.
It requires a bit of logical thinking. It was also easy one.

12. A problem on time and distance.

13. A problem on partnership.

14, 15.These were also the reasoning questions.

Prepare the reasoning questions using the GRE textbook (BARRON) and also the R.S.AGARWAL VERBAL &NON-VERBAL.
Also prepare the R.S AGARWAL QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE Book and also the BARRON.
It is better if you refer the CAT books also for the reasoning questions.

->Can we reduce the day by day increase of the oil price.(This was my topic,4 members have been selected from our team)


The interview was more a stress interview.
If you are confident and technically sound then definitely you will get through. CONFIDENCE is the main key to success.
Prepare all the concepts that r mentioned in the resume well.
All the questions will be from those subjects only.


DRESS CODE plays a very major role in the interview.
CONFIDENCE is also a major asset for success.
SHAKE HAND should be stiff and behave as a professional.

There were 3 rounds of selection:
1. Written test
2. Group Discussion
3. Technical interview & HR
Written test:
Well first coming to the written test--this contains aptitude, logical thinking, reasoning, complete the series & so.
There are around one or two Q's of each type.
Coming to the aptitude part—it is from R.S Aggarwal. Some Q's are

1. One calendar problem like-- If 13th Feb 2004 is Sunday then what day is 13th Feb 1884. This problem is solved in Aggarwal book.
2. The sum of compound interest and simple interest is (some value- sorry forgot).Find the sum. This problem is solved in Aggarwal book.(as seen from many previous papers of Satyam, calendar and
compound interest problem has appeared many times)
3.Problem on complete the series.(this was difficult. sorry do not remember the values)
4.One reasoning problem- 4 figures are given, find the next one.(this was simple)
5.One small phrase and questions on that.
6. There are 3 boys A, B, C and 3 girls P, Q, R. they all plan to study together by meeting at each's place each day. Always they meet at B's place before R's place in the week. They meet at boys and girls place on alternate day basis. If they meet A's place on Monday then which of the following not true. This was a simple problem but time consuming.
The main Point in this test is attending those with the ones which you are sure of as there is negative marking (-0.25).
Usually cutoff is around 6 to 7 for 15 questions. So first be sure of 7 to 8 answers then go
for remaining ones (time consuming ones).

Here comes the main elimination round of Satyam.
Around 960 people were short listed for this round.
Each group is of 10 people. My topic was "Youth in politics".
Few other topics were "is Violence shown in movies affecting the young mind", "IT industries -advantages & disadvantages",
"educational institutions", well some panel also gave the choice for us to select a topic.

Technical & Hr round are together. Around 350 people were short listed for this round.
For few two people take the interview (one technical & one HR).
Well interview for me was around 20 to 25 min but for others it was from 10 to 20 min. So usually its
from 10 min to 25 min for both tech and HR.
i am from Electronics & communication branch. The tech round was on my subjects like
VHDL- difference b/w FPGA and CPLD, explain about the software used (Xilinx).
Favourite field & subject- questions on that
difference b/w micro pro and micro cont.
Explain project.

In Hr round --Tell me about yourself and family, why Satyam, why should I select you, what do you know about satyam.
Well actually for me even HR was asking technical questions, Basically HR just checks your communication skills and your approach
and confidence.
201 students were selected.
Test is easy if Ur r good in aptitude (Aggarwal book) and logical thinking. But main elimination is in GD.
Go through their website before attending HR.


1) If length of a rectangle is more than its breadth by 10cm. Perimeter of a rectangle is 84. Find the Length of rectangle.
a) 16cm
b) 26cm
c) 32cm
d) 25cm
e) None of above

Ans: b.
Let breadth= x, then length=10+x
Now perimeter is 84
Therefore 2(10+x+x)=84. You will get the answer

2) Simple Interest and Compound Interest were given and sum was asked to find out.

3) A brief passage was given and a statement which will support the paragraph was asked (from given option)

4) Workman work on a particular jog place. They take lunch outside on workdays when canteen doesn’t serve them fish. They take lunch on workdays when canteen serves them fish. Which of the following statement is true?

a) It is a workday and canteen serves no fish
b) It is not a workday and canteen serves a fish
c) It is not a workday and canteen serves no fish
d) It is a workday and canteen serves a fish
e) None of above

Ans: d.

5) If person has a loss of 10% on a particular product and a profit of 20% on another product. What is the total amount of profit/loss he got?
a) 260%
b) 60%
c) 150%
d) 0%
e) 250%

Ans: a.
6) Find the area question.

7) Permeability question (quite difficult)

8) ?
126 161
63 71 79
25 29 33 37
8 10 12 14 16
1 2 3 4 5 6

a) 220
b) 226
c) 227
d) 300
e) None of above

Ans: d.

(1+2)+5=8, (2+3)+5=10
(8+10)+7=25, (10+12)+7=29
(25+29)+9=63, (29+33)+9=71

9) T=T+2;
If T7<6
Then go to T1
T=T+2 What is the final output?

a) 4
b) 6
c) 7
d) 32
e) none of above

Ans: e
T2 is not defined

10) One side of triangle is 4cm. What is the area? Which of the following is true
1. Triangle is equatorial
2. Triangle is selegant
a) only (1) is sufficient
b) only (2) is sufficient
c) (1) and (2) both are sufficient
d) (1) and (2) both are not sufficient
e) none of the above

Ans a

11) Problem on clock

12) What is the day on 15 Aug 1947.
a) Tuesday
b) Monday
c) Friday
d) Sunday
e) Saturday

Ans: c.

13) Problem on ages (simple one)

Sorry I don’t remember remaining 2 questions.

In GD there was a group of 10 students and out of them 2 are selected from my group. U should either start or end GD to get plus point over others. In GD they mainly look for LEADERSHIP QUALITY, CLARITY OF THOUGHTS, CONFIDENCE, and VOICE QUALITY. My topic was Power crises in Maharashtra out of 540 candidates 198 were short listed after GD

There are total 8 panels (2 modest panels, 2 tough, 2 averages, 1 panel having very high knowledge, 1 panel where these and HR round are separate).My no is for average panel.
In GD they not only look for your answer but main thing is your confidence. Speak with confidence; don’t show any nervous sign through your body language. Here are some of the questions that are asking to me

[Interviewer]: Define yourself in 6 sentences.
[Interviewer]: What are your strengths?
[Interviewer]: What are your weaknesses?
[Me]: Well, I won’t call it a weakness but I can not sat no quickly to any person or work.
[Interviewer]: What is your family background?
[Interviewer]: Why should we select u?
[Me]: My first response was I am fresh (the guy started laughing after listening this).then I said I am fresh so u can mould me according to ur requirements, I have basic qualifications and a strong desire to perform the work given to me, and the most imp I think is I am ready to work anywhere in this world.
[Interviewer]: so you are ready to go bhubaneshwar also?
[Me]: U can throw me anywhere u want.
[Interviewer]: How much do you rate yourself in c?
[Me]: Actually since I am from diploma I haven’t have c in my syllabus yet , but I am studying it myself, but before my study is completed satyam has arrived(after this guy again start laughing)
[Interviewer]:ok how do u rate yourself in c from 1 to 5?
[Me]: 3(I said so confidently that he doesn’t ask me any more on c)
[Interviewer]: explain your diploma project.
[Interviewer]: Why u want to join satyam only?
[Me]: Because I think satyam is the only company where I can secure challenging position where I can effectively contribute my skills as Software Professional, possessing competent Technical Skills.(this was most deadly answer that I have given)
[Interviewer]: What are u regret of in your life?
[Me]: (This was a Yorker for me) after taking a pause I said, well, it’s been a good life. Rich in learning and experience and a best of it is still to come I think. Each experience in my life is a lesson to me in its own way. I won’t change anything. (I hit a sixer to Yorker I came to know this by Interviewer expression).
[Interviewer]: Who is your ideal?
[Me]: Narayana Murthy
Remember the most imp thing u need for interview is confidence, patience, attitude. They will make u wait for a long time outside the interview room . In my case I was waited for 4 hours outside, so be patient. Go with nothing to lose attitude u will crack the interview.

Out of 198 candidates 119 was selected and I am glad to see my name in the list and finally I was no more unemployed. BEST OF LUCK to all who is appearing for satyam selection process. Go with confidence.....


Round-1 : APTITUDE TEST –15 questions, 30 minutes.
The paper consisted of only problems. You need to solve R.S.Agarwal quantitative book to be familiar with the test. Most of the problems were easy but u needs to know the techniques to solve them quickly, because 30 minutes time is the main factor. There was +1 mark for every right answer and –0.25 mark for every wrong answer. So do not do any guess work. Answer only those problems that u can solve confidently.

Go through the following topics for this section:

• Never take a stance in a GD.
• Completely ignore the coordinator.
• Do not play with your pen/pencil.
• Do not move your hands/legs too much to indicate your presence.
• Never refer to anyone by name even if you know him. 6. Do not try to create a lobby within the group. Just be fair.
Round-3 : TECHNICAL & HR.
This again depends on the panel u r in. In our case some panel took technical & hr in the same round while some took it in 2rounds.

Knowledge in core subjects (for non CSE/IT students), C, C++, DBMS, Data Structures, & operating systems is needed. Apart from these they give a lot of importance in your HR skills. They are very friendly. The atmosphere inside the hall is also very good. But the HR round is a bit tough.

Totally 15 aptitude questions. 30 minutes given.
1. Time and distance (2 bullets fired in 38 minutes gap. It was traveling in 330 m/s. A man traveling in a car heard the sound in 36 minutes delay. What is the speed of the car?
2. Letter encoding (ex: XYZ -> ABC then PQR ->? , like this (but easy))
3. Given some number as input and they given 5 set of output strings. For a new set of input strings we have to find the output.
4. Clock problem
5. Reasoning (relation between statements)
6. Reasoning (relation between statements)
7. Compound interest.
8. Pyramid problem.
9. Finding the average salary
10. Encoding binary system.
11. Figure problem. Three figures given. Find the fourth one.

REMEMBER!!! Don’t try to solve every question. Do 9 or 10 perfectly or atleast 7 correct to ensure yourself , clear the test
1.complete the series
***(every time 1Q on calendars)
2.Problem on dates(calendar problem)
what is the day on 25th September 1936(not exactly same)
3.Four diagrams were given as sequence and we have to find the fifth from given options
4.An equilateral triangular base prism of base ___units and length ____units is melt into a cube
Find the Lateral surface area of cube

5.Given compound interest on certain amount for 2years as Rs.___ and its simple interest as Rs.___
Find the Compound interest for 3years.
6.One problem on algorithm
10 Let R=3;
20 Let R=R+2;
30 Let R=R*2;
40 Let k=R^2;
50 print k-R;
60 check R<32 goto 20
what is the final o/p
7. A passage was given and summary of it was asked in options select the correct one
8.There was a work when done by 6 men and 7 women is completed in 6 days. The same work when done by 3 men and
4 women is completed in 15days.Find the no. of days the work is finished in when done by 5men and 8 women (Not the same numbers).
{Hint: let capacity of men=x and women=y; Then 6x+7y =(1/6) and 3x+4y=(1/15).Find x and y and substitute in
9. A NEWS article on AIR services was given and 4 statements as 4 options were given and we have two choose the most appropriate option.
10. ASSERTION and REASONING type question
two statements A and B were given
a problem is given
To describe it
a>both A and B are needed
b>A is sufficient
c>B is sufficient
d>A and B are not sufficient

As we know this is the main ELIMINATION round
The whole lot of 800 were made into no. of batches of 10 people in each
The main qualities they were looking in were your
Always try to make your GD constructive! Most of the times the group getz benefited when a conclusion is reached
TRY to initiate the topic or end the topic. BUT!, It is also the most risky effort if u don't do it properly
any way u will find important tips fur GD on internet.


1. The topic was decided by a 3ppl in the group without taking other's opinions
2. The initiation of topic was also chaotic.3 people wanted those extra points of starting GD .They did not stop.
3. The discussion was worthless. Everyone wanted to dominate, but, had no extra points and repeated same points
Fed up with all these the observer asked us to conclude in the 4th minute itself(scheduled time is 10min)
4.The observer wanted 1 person of his choice to conclude. But, still people tried themselves to conclude
+ ve points------->
1.when people were lingering around the same point, i Interfered in between and countered their points for
a minute and welcomed their responses. But, they again continued on their own old point
2.When the group was in chaotic discussion i did not go and mix up but kept cool(But, later i gave my points)
**3.I was getting familiar with my group members before the GD started and was cool while others were appearing
tensed. He noticed all these things
He short listed 220 members here

The process started at 2:30pm
There were 6 to 7 panels simultaneously in the process
I was the first person in one of the panels
As soon as I went in I wished him and he asked me to sit. He was appearing cool. This eased me out of tension
****PLEASE go in GOOD attire .This makes a definite impact on recruiters mind which will decide the further process
The Qs r not in same order
1. TELL me about yourself
2. Why should I select u
3. Why do you prefer SATYAM
4. After u joined SATYAM if u r given a Dress code & restricted to use mobiles. How will be ur response
5.What is communication
6.Where do u use communication
8.How many Flip Flops are in DECADE COUNTER
9.Hoe do u rate yourself in 'C'
10.How do u declare an array
11.How do u declare an array of different data types
12.How do u define 'Electronics'?
13. What is a diode
14.What is an Oscillator
15 What is the feed back in an oscillator
16.What is FM
17.What is range of FM
18.How do u differentiate Science and Application
19.Why do u want to join SATYAM
20.Why should i select u
21.U are trained in Java and we asked you to work in other field. How do you react
22.U are selected in a company, does your college recommend you to attend for interviews of other companies
23. What is your father
24. How many siblings u have

1 Are Indian cities ready for any disaster
2 was the incident that took place at world cup final by Zidane justified?
3 Role of media in bringing awareness in the society
4 Role of media in bringing awareness in the society
5. Pepsi and coke should be banned in India or Not?
6. Agni
7. Strike of Doctors
8. Can we reduce the day by day increase of the oil price
9. Discuss on the nuclear agreement between INDIA and US
10. Is the war on Iraq by US justifiable
11. Arranged marriages Vs Love marriages
12. Impact of movies on youth
13. Role of women towards the development of the country
14. OBC reservations
15. Youth in politics".
16. Is Violence shown in movies affecting the young mind"
17. IT industries -advantages & disadvantages
18. Role of UN in peacekeeping
19. Position of Women in India compared to other nations
20. Environment Management.
21. Is China better than India in software
22. Should SONIA Gandhi be made the PM
23. BPO s in INDIA
24. Govt contribution to IT
25. Will punch lines rule the Advertisements
26. Premarital sex
27. Is china a threat to Indian industry
28. India or west, which is the land of opportunities
29. Water resources should be nationalized
31. Effect of cinema on Youth (Is it good or bad)
32. Education in India compared to Foreign nations
33. Is it necessary to ban COCOCOLA in India
34. How to deal with international terrorism
35. Cricket should be banned or not.
36. Present state of Indian Cricket team
37. .Love marriage/Arranged marriage
38. Is peace and non-violence outdated concepts?
39. Power crises in Maharashtra
40. Banning of mobile phones in educational institutions
41. If I was a MLA.
42. Return of Saurav Ganguly in Indian cricket team
43. Reverse brain-drain
44. Are women better managers than men?
45. Reservation in education?
46. Physical education must include in the curriculum?
47. Is there logical to give voting rights to illiterate people
49. Women Managers
50. Youth Icon of India


Pattern followed was: Written, GD, Technical & HR interviews

Written - 15 questions, time duration is 30 mints

1) What is the angle diff between hr's mint's hands when clock is showing 19:55?
a)92 b) 92.5 c)93.5 4)93 5) none

2) If sum has doubled with compound interest in 3 yrs, how many years it will take to sum to become times
a)10 b)9 c)15 d)8 e) none

3) If u drive certain dist with 3kmph less speed then it takes 30 mints late . Where as.. You will be 30mints prior if ur speed is 4kmph more. Then whats the usual speed?
a)24kmph b)28kmph c) 12kmph d)14kmph e) none

4) Pyramid problem ans is 68

5) Figures problem- asks u to identify the next(4th) figure

6) data-interpretation question - Very easy question, anybody can put the right answer

7) Series problem - 12,32,72,152,?,632 -- Ans is 312

8) U purchased 2 articles for a total of 2500/- . And u sold one of them for 50% loss and other for 25% profit. How much is ur actual profit or loss %?

9) Ten years ago average of a family of 4 members is 24. Now 3 Childs have born in that family out of them is twins and other is 2 yrs younger than these twins. In such case also. The average haven't changed. Now guess the child's ages?
a)10,10,12 b)12,12,10 c) 9,9,11 ..... Like wise

10) If $ represents '0', % represents '1', %$ represents '2', %% represents '3' and so on. Then how do u represent the LCM of 20,36, 60. - Only thing is we have to represent the LCM value in BCD form (observe clearly the data - 3 was represented by '11' that is '%%')

Coming to GD - Our topic is:
Which will u vote for - Hardworking or Smart working?

In GD, Do remember that, shouting/arguing wont brings u something. Don't do such. Other topics were - Do Women’s are best managers or not?

Western vs. Indian Culture? Can life exist without IT?

1. The ratio of the ages of two persons three yrs ago were 3:4, and the ratio of their ages three yrs hence will be 5:4, what is the sum of their present ages.( numbers not exactly)

2. A boat travels downstream of 60 kms in 6hrs. If the speed of the stream is 3 km/hr in how many hrs can he travel 16 kms upstream (Ans 4 hrs).

3. Cost of basmati rice per kg is Rs 24. Another rice of 25kgs costs 36rs/kg. How many kgs of basmati rice should he mix with that of rice so that after selling the mixture at 40rs/kg he gets a profit of 25%.

4. 1 pyramid problem
B 122
A 35 27
2 7 10 3
I hope u can do this...bottom row.. Its add two elements double them add1 u will get A, but for second row it is add them, double them sub 2 from them u get B, no need to calculate C..U will have unique options so u can tick.

5. 1 problem on probability I think....like a boy has so coins in his pocket. He has 5penies, etc... Then when he draws two coins...the sum will be.. Something like this....I did not attempt it so I don't remember.

6. There r family members A, B, C, D and E. there occupations r farmer, trader, doctor, teacher. Lawyer. Something like this......and statements i.e. conditions were given.
That A is doctor, daughter in law of B is teacher....there is only 1 married couple etc. finally who is the trader. (It is ok...you can solve).

7. It was an argument, some 4 to 5 sentences of an argument was given. and a conclusion is made in it. so he gave 4 options and asked to tick the option which would best support the conclusion made in argument....that was the sentence which was missing in that argument. .based on it he made a conclusion. So u can make it out.

8. Even this was same like above an argument.... but now he asked to mark the option which strongly weakens the argument....that which does not support the conclusion or argument made in it.

9. It was a puzzle like above. Similar.....that there were books of chemistry, physics, maths,, bio, social. so on...and they were kept in E and F something like this...i don't remember.

10. Even this was a puzzle.....about room....like 75th door,., 80th door,,,,, 100th door..Something like this It was very big. I did not solve.

11. (Quant) The maximum length of rod that can fit into cuboids is 6*square root of (77). The length breadth and ht r in a ratio..6:5:4. find the total surface area of cuboid. (Ans 5328).

12. One was on compound interest....a man deposits his bonus of 2000 when he receives on Jan 1st into his account. Which is compounded annually..@8%. Having put the amount that y..What will the amt be in his account on Jan 1st 1982 after depositing his bonus of that yr.

10 people in a batch. I was good at GD so I could clear....but imp is u have to speak out ...contribute atleast 1 imp point to the group or atleast..if u don't have any....listen to everyone. And finally summarize it ok.
Our topic was

Other topics were. Current ones
About Sachin-His injury
About Saurav Ganguly inclusion in match
Media and its effects on youth
Ban on cell phones. ....and so on

After that there is no need of ur resumes...but just have a copy with u .your photograph etc...They give us a form to fill which will have all the details, fill honestly and don't make it complicated by writing too much in it..Just write basic things in few words.

Then I had my technical +hr interview. First 20 to 30 they mostly concentrated on /hr then as time went on they also asked many technical questions......as I was from computer science background, I got questions from my core subjects.


Me: excuse me sir-----he said come in.......I went with a pleasant smile.
To my surprise he was the same person who conducted GD for me.....and as I did GD well he remember me....and asked me that....I think Iam the one who conducted GD for u......I said with a smile "yes sir".(I think that was a +pt for me)
Ti: tell me about ur self , ur family background and ur achievements
Me: gave the answer.(mostly u can lead interviewer...so decide what u should say and be prepared with some examples so that u can convince him make him believe things.)
Ti: what is ur commitment towards Satyam....(like he asked for how many yrs u will stay here)
Me: as there was a bond of 2 yrs....i did not speak anything about how many yrs but answered that......as long as both u and I feel that Iam really contributing to the firm. And there is a consistent growth in my career I would be with u. And that's for sure..( I think he was convinced.)
Ti: what if Wipro comes and offers u 8laks......(I hope u all know answer for this).
I have written that I participated in many technical and cultural activities in college..
Ti: What r the cultural activities which took part in
me: answered.
Ti: why is the graph of ur percentage like this ....(10th less..INTER more. again engg less-------so he asked like that)
Me: sir I think u need not consider my inter marks because if u see my 10th percent and engg percent....they r almost same...and as Iam from CBSE background it helped me a lot...coz we have more of a practical thinking than SSC people...they r mostly bookish....so for me inter is not at all a count sir....(I don't know what he thought but friends I don't mean it seriously...its only to convince that interviewer I spoke like that......not to underestimate state syllabus people mind u).
Ti: do you prefer to work on any platform specifically like JAVA....etc???
Me: no sir....Iam not rigid in my ideas ...iam very flexible...i will work in some area then when I feel I attained some perfection I would shift to the other...that is how I want to learn many things.....Iam not fixed to any one subject sir.
Then he went to technical..
Ti: tell me what are the subjects you are good at???
Me: Iam comfortable with c and c++ sir.
But he did not jump into that......he asked me questions from operating systems., data structures, c, c++( he did not ask me DBMS.....Thank God I was not that through with it...but for my friends they also got questions in it...like write some queries etc)
And he asked the basic concepts of this subjects....for ex-he asked me in OS about CPU scheduling algorithms, dining philosopher problem, semaphore, round robin algorithm, binary search, Linked lists, stacks , queues...examples for them, and structure in c. Concepts of c++. That's it.
So friends....be prepared with the DBMS, OS, Data structures, and of course c and c++ (this is only for CSE and IT people).
I answered everything.....then he said
Ti: Iam done with my interview do you have any questions for me??
Me: sir first of all I was very impressed with the PPT of satyam sir, so what do you feel is the most challenging thing for an young graduate like me who enters into satyam....
Ti: I think commitment....and contribution
Me: so do we need to learn anything more by the time we enter the firm I mean courses like .Net, advanced java etc
Ti: all that is ok......but don't waste money (I got his point here...what he means in saying don't waste money is they will train us in what ever they require...they will cover everything in their training....but u should be in a position to receive them).
Me: sir after three months of training will we really be able to handle the projects sir???
Ti: yes...
Me: that's it sir......Thank You.....Thank You very much sir.( I left the room).



1. Average weight of p, q, r is given (cannot remember 48 I think) the ratio of students In class p &q is 3:4.no of students in r is 25% more than p. Find the average of all the 3 classes.

2. Odd man out. 1307, 8627, 6792, 7297.
Numbers were not exact but in this model

4. Pie chart problem. One chart was given on the expenditures of a person. His total income
Is 6000/- .Now his income is 1500/- we have to find the ratio of radii of two pie charts.
a. 2:1 b. sqrt(2):1 c.1:sqrt(2) etc.

5. A, B, C, D, E are 5 in family. A& D are unmarried women & don’t work in family there are
Businessman, Professor, artist B is the brother of a & is not artist or businessman. E is husband.
Who is professor?
a) A b) B c)D d)E e)NONE OF THIS

8. Stamp combination problem. There are 5,10, 15 paisa stamps with a boys grandmother and the boy has to paste an equivalent of 45 paisa stamps to post a letter. The total combinations are ?
a. 11 b. 12 etc.

9. Some long series of sentences were there I haven’t read them. Some reasoning type.

10. 3 work completion times were given regarding project preparation in hours by 3 teams and if each team person is equicapable then find the time or days in which the complete some 18 hours or days work or project something like that not sure.

11. Algorithm problem

Let R=2;
Let R=R+2;
Let K=K+1;
Let K=K*R;
Printf K
Let J= J+K;
If R <= 8
Goto step 2;

Which of the following output is not true.

a. 4 b. 36 etc

12. Simple problem on Simple Interest.
If the person gets one fifth of the sum after lending it for 8 years find the rate of interest

a. 2 ½ etc

13. Pets problem analytical one easy one.
Three Persons sarada, sravani and suchitra have Pets. The pets are pet1, pet2, pet3 they buy them in the months March, August, and December. Sarada is busy in the month august and sravani bought pet3 in December and Suchitra will buy in the month august but won’t buy pet1.
What pet and which one will Sarada buy. Question is not exact, its only model

14. Related to R.S Aggarwal Line-Graphs problems

15. Boats and streams
Given stream velocity x, boat goes down stream by 30 KM and comes back. Total time is 4:30 Hours. Find the speed of the boat.


There were 4 rounds of the entire test:
1) Aptitude Test.
2) Group Discussion.
3) Technical interview.
4) HR interview.
(However in our case there was a single round for technical & HR interview)

Technical & HR interview:
There was a single interview for both technical and HR. That interviewer was also very friendly. I entered in the room after taking a long breath and told him “Hello sir, I am Suman Debnath” after offering a handshake (this indicates the confidence of the candidate), he also introduced me. Then he started:

Interviewer: So Suman, tell about yourself.

Me: sir, I live with my parents. There are three members in my house. My father is a governmental employee, my mother is a housewife. I started my career in a Bengali medium school. I scored 80.625% in secondary & 64.5% in higher secondary exam. Now I am reading in Academy of Technology in computer science and engineering……..

Interviewer: you completed higher secondary in 2002 & started your engineering career in 2003, what about the one year gap?

Me: sir, after completing HS I was admitted in a B.Sc college to complete a hon. course in zoological science, then I sat for the joint entrance and got admission in my college.

Interviewer: what was your rank?

(I told him I can’t remember exactly but I guessed it)
Interviewer: ok, who is your father?

Me: my father is Sudhir Kumar Debnath; he is an employee of West Bengal StateElectricityBoard.

Interviewer: and your mother is a housewife, right? Fine. Suman, can you explain different parts of a computer?

Me: sir the major parts of a computer are input device, processing device and output device. Input devices are keyboard, mouse, microphone, light pen etc, output devices are visual display unit (monitor), speaker etc. every computer should have at least one CPU that is the heart of entire system and for storage purpose there should be primary memory, secondary memory etc.

Interviewer: when we use a computer we have to use an operating system, do you know what an OS does and what are differences between an OS and simple software?

Me: operating system is the base system on which other programs can be executed. It has many services like memory management, maintaining file systems, user accounts, controlling attached hardware etc.
The software which we use run on the OS platform.

Interviewer: ok let us come to C. Do you know what is the main difference between C, C++ & Java?

Me: yes sir, C is procedural (function) oriented programming language, means we have to code using functions but we cannot use the concept of object.
Java is a fully object oriented programming language. We cannot access the methods or variables without using object.
And C++ is in between them. We can use object oriented concept or without using that also we can carry on. So C++ is not fully object oriented language & not fully procedural oriented language.
(The answer was ok, but friends I am not sure that whether structure variables can be treated as objects or not)

Interviewer: what do you understand by method overriding & method overloading?

Me: (I started with method overloading) sir we know there is a term called function signature which includes 1) no of arguments, 2) arrangement of arguments, 3) data type of arguments & 4) name of function. Suppose there are two or more functions having same name but different signatures, now the right function will be called depending upon the signature.
(I gave an example & then he said ‘ok I got it’, I did not need to explain method overriding. I used a printf statement to explain overloading, he then asked………)

Interviewer: how can you express printf statement in C++ & in Java?

Me: sir we use ‘cout’ & ‘system.out.println’ in C++ & Java respectively instead of printf statement.

Interviewer: Do you know about multiple inheritance?

Me: (I explained it after drawing figures; I explained base classes, derived classes & their relationships)

Interviewer: can you give an example of that in your life?
(This question was asked just to check the common sense of the student)

Me: yes sir my parents and me.
(He smiled & was satisfied)

Interviewer: in java we declare ‘public static void main ()’, can you explain each terms?

Me: (I made it clear why we use public & void, but I forgot why static is used, so frankly I said ‘but I am sorry sir I can not remember the reason of using static keyword’)

Interviewer: ok it is fine. Do you know how we can pass command line argument in Java?

Me: yes we have to declare a string array in between the parenthesis of main method. (I gave an example)

Interviewer: ok now come to DBMS. What do you know about RDBMS, what does it mean?

Me: RDBMS stands for Relational Database Management System. It deals with concept of storing data into tables instead of files …….
(I understood that my answer was not going in right direction, so I concluded as…)
Sir I think my answer is not to the point, I am sorry, I have forgotten it.

Interviewer: ok its fine. You know actually RDBMS concept is……..
(Then he started & took 2-3 minutes to explain it, he was so friendly but friends frankly saying I was not in the state of learning something, so I was just nodding my head & thinking whether I’ll get the job or not)

Me: sir, one thing I want to tell you that whatever I have learnt from my college, I always try to implement it. Because it is true that without implementation there no value of theory in the technological field.
(I tried to show a software ‘Phoenix’ developed by me; he wanted to get some information like about the language in which it is written, what it does etc.)

Interviewer: you have learnt about data structure, do you know what is hashing?

Me: in division method we have to set a key value by which we have to divide the input value & depending on the result we have to store it in defined locations. If two same results occur then we have to maintain a linked list……..

Interviewer: ok Suman nice to meet you.

Me: nice to meet you sir.
(We ended the interview with a firm handshake)

Thus my interview was completed. I was confident that if anything was not going wrong, then I’ll be selected. The next day I was in my college attending a class, I got the good news that I am selected & total intake was 108 (for 2006-2007 batches).
At last I want to give some suggestions to my juniors & friends.

1) In aptitude test at first try to eyewash the entire question set, because there are some blocking questions at the beginning, just skip them & answer the easier one otherwise you may fall into the trap.

2) If negative marking is there, do not guess any answer. Maintain rough working, examiners may check it.

3) Always try to do some homework before sitting in a GD. In GD always keep a pen & paper to write what others are talking about. Try to analyze or criticize those. It is much trickier & it works nicely.

4) Be frank at the time of interview. If they ask any theoretical question you do not know, please do not try to establish new theory, simply surrender yourself --- it is ok. If any tough problem is given to you at least try to solve it.

5) If you pretend anything, they will understand it easily. They are smarter than you.


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